'Kin Magazine'

Last year my friend and I hatched a notion. It was a notion to do something positive and off the back of it came the idea for ‘Kin’. A collaboration between artists and the inspiring people of Northern Ireland.

Kin website screen grab

The idea behind Kin is to tell the stories behind the natives of Northern Ireland and how they are contributing to the local & global communities in positive ways.

Northern Ireland is a country in transition - a transition out of an era of hatred, violence and division. Our young people (and many older people) have said “Enough is enough” and are comfortably letting the past stay where it belongs. The rolling news keeps the division alive and tries to convince us we are still at each others throats, but the majority of the Northern Irish know otherwise.

We are a family that have emerged from a long and cruel feud to find ourselves as one of the most interesting places in the world. Tourism is off the chart, our food is legendary and our locals are always ready to tell you a good story. Hence Kin Magazine - telling the stories of the Northern Irish in modern times.

Take a read at www.kinmagazine.co.uk

Alasdair McBroomComment