Railway Preservation Society of Ireland

I recently completed a stills project for the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland, documenting the volunteers and the site at Whitehead, County Antrim. The RPSI headquarters in Whitehead is subject to ongoing development work to radically transform it into a working museum.

These are a few of the faces, old and young, that currently work on various restoration projects in Whitehead.

Causeway Coast Landscapes

The Causeway Coast is one of my favourite spots in all of Ireland. Wild and rugged, it is one of the best drives/cycles/tours that the world has to offer. I've been working hard to come up with some new viewpoints of the Causeway Coast for a new client, trying to get away from the already well documented spots.

Invest NI TV Ad

We supplied aerial film for a newly released Invest NI TV Advert. Below is a slideshow of some of our work around Belfast and Londonderry. Carefully planned inner city drone flight was essential to comply with congestion laws. For the full ad, see the video below the slideshow.

The Snow Capped Mournes

An early start and a perfect still day in The Mourne Mountains. Photographed from the south east.