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Aerial Site Intelligence for Surveying & Construction


3D Modelling

Using the latest in high definition 3D technology we capture accurate survey data. From the resulting point cloud data we can produce 3D models and accurately render them to produce detailed visualisations of buildings, land and civil structures. Our surveys are precise and repeatable.


PROJECT: Kilwaughter Limestone Quarry

The project was to survey the land at Kilwaughter Lime Quarry and provide a detailed analysis of the area.

Once the flight plan of the area to be flown has been finalised, our UAV then captured multiple images. The images were then processed for data outputs including 2D orthomosaic georeferenced Tiff, Digital Surface Model (DSM), 3D Model, volumetrics and measurements of the site.

Using georeferenced orthomosaics and elevation data from our software, you can view the current as-built situation of your site for up to date measurements and continued analysis, as well as volumetric measurements for more efficient earthwork management.

Images captured during flight plan

Kilwaughter Limestone Quarry 2D Orthomosaic Section

Kilwaughter Limestone Quarry 2D Elevation Section, Digital Surface Model (DSM)

549 Megapixel Orthomosaic Photograph (20829x26371 pixels @ 72dpi)

549 Megapixel Orthomosaic Photograph (20829x26371 pixels @ 72dpi)